Big Idea:  To help calm and refocus children and youth with anger management problems.
How It works:  

  1. You create a profile in the app. 
  2. You choose from a list of sounds (including music) that calm you down (choose 5 or 6 from selection).
  3. When you are angry, you choose the thing that made you angry, which gets logged to the computer.
  4. You choose the sound you want to hear and the amount of time you want it to play.
  5. App asks you what you want do to next i.e. forget about it and do something else, have a discussion with the person, tell someone who can do something about it, etc.

Big Idea:  To help children and youth collaborate to raise awareness of and eventually end, animal exploitation. 
How It works: 

  1. You create a profile in the app and choose from a list of animals you care about or add one to the list.
  2. You can do four things once you choose your animal: read about how it's being exploited; create or join a network with others who chose your animal to plan actions including creating and signing petitions; log any exploitation you witness; and read interviews with (and maybe chat online with) people who are doing their part to stop animal exploitation around the world.

Big Idea:  To help children and youth who are being bullied by using GPS alerts when bullies are nearby. 
How It works: 

  1. You create short profiles of people in your physical network, i.e. friends and foes.
  2. Your phone alerts you when someone who bullies you is nearby so you can change the route you walk home from school, go and get help, or take refuge for a minute until they pass
  3. It also alerts you when someone has just approached you, letting you know (based on your network) if it’s a stranger, a friend or a bully. 

Big Idea:  To motivate children and youth to care about the animals they have as pets and other animals.
How It works: 

  1. You select the animal that you have as a pet. Then you have two things you can learn about: information about how to care for your pet and information about animal exploitation.

  2. You can also choose other animals once you have researched about your pet. When you select those animals you can learn about three things: information about how to care for your pet; information about animal exploitation; and information about animal habitats and how you can help preserve them.


Big Idea:  To help children and youth who are being bullied by providing them with advice, support and assertiveness practice opportunities.  
How It works: 

  1. It provides tips and advice for those being bullied that are age and situationally appropriate.
  2. It lets users ‘follow’ others (friends, celebrities, etc.) and click on their specific tips.
  3. Users can play games that help them practice what to do and say when a bully attacks.
carpooling app.JPG

Big Idea:  To help parents and children find or provide carpools to school, and other family outings, i.e. grocery store.
How It works: 

  1. This app works a bit like Uber in terms of its geolocation services and networks. Users create profiles and networks in the app.
  2. When you want to carpool, you sign into the app, look at your network and send out a ping. You can see who has room in their car and then you can get a ride with that person.
  3. You earn points forsharing space in your car. Your network may trade services for carpooling, or perhaps the city or neighbourhood lets you redeem your points for something or posts.  Top ‘green’ community members are ranked in the app.
saving electricity.JPG

Big Idea:  To help children save electricity and water. 
How It works: 

  1. Users create profiles, win badges and move up levels.
  2. Users log every time they save water or electricity. To log, they choose options within categories. ie. Electricity -> turned off lights, or WATER -> took a 3 minute shower. App logs dates and times. 
  3. Users move up levels, earning badges and cute animal photos as they move up.
Litter Run.jpg

Big Idea:  To help children and parents work together to pick up litter.
How It works: 

  1. This is a game where the user has to collect litter to earn points. If the user doesn't pick up litter, s/he gets penalized.
  2. There are obstacles and villians who try to stop and distract you.
  3. If you pick up litter in real life you get more health points in the game. 


litter and parents.JPG

Big Idea:  To help children and parents work together to pick up litter.. 
How It works: 

  1. Families create profiles with individual children.
  2. Children earn points by picking up litter
  3. Parents redeem points for things or experiences.