"It has been 150 years since the Tsilhqot'in people of British Columbia declared war on the Crown and the descendants of descendants of warriors long dead declared victory Thursday, following a landmark ruling from the Supreme Court of Canada.  The high court ruling recognized, for the first time in Canada, aboriginal title to a specific tract of land. The unanimous decision ended a 25-year legal odyssey and set a historic precedent affecting resource rights."  

in this history unit, you are going to learn about the 2014 Supreme Court decision and the events and people who made it happen. You are also going to be doing an assessment in which you have to build a legal case for a successful land title claim. In order to do this, you will need to take notes and record evidence as we go through the unit.  The evidence collection sheet is an ideal tool to keep that information in one place.  

  • Click HERE to download your evidence collector worksheet

At the end of the unit, you are going to participate in a simulation during which you will be negotiating agreements about what happens now (after the Supreme Court decision).  Some of  you will work on what would happen in a city and some of you in a more rural and resource-rich environment. When you are working through the activities, think about the ways you can use the information to plan a sustainable future for your area.

To start off your thinking, please read at least one of the following articles and think about the following:

  • the who, what, where, when and why of the story
  • issues, terms or concepts you don't understand
  • any references to past events that you can explore more or research for your evidence collection

Article 1: Huffington Post:        Supreme Court Ruling Grants Land Title To B.C. First Nation

Article 2: The Globe and Mail  Supreme Court expands land-title rights in unanimous ruling

Additional Readings and a Video (Optional)

Watch this presentation on Title to make sure you understand what it means as it will be part of your final assessment and the simulation.