Pet - care and communication.jpg

Big Idea: This app is designed to help children become more responsible pet owners. 

How It Works:

  1. When you open the app, you have 4 options: I need help with my pet; I want to make a good schedule for my pet; I need some good pet services; or I have a question for a vet.
  2. Each selection leads to a personalized series of selections to help you with what you need.
Saving money -tracks where you spend.jpg

Big Idea: This app is designed to teach children how to save money by making them aware of costs.

How It Works

  1. Children log the money they spend by using the home screen to choose a category such as food, shopping, and leisure activities.
  2. Within each category there are more categories, so users can track within shopping, for example, sports equipment or school supplies.
  3. Children can also program in things they want to buy and track their savings - with notifications for totals reached.
  4. Optional: The app can track money saved when children choose NOT to buy something.
  5. Optional: The app can also track money that parents spend on children.
stop bullying.jpg

Big Idea: This app is designed to help bullying victims.

How It Works:

  1. Users create a profile on the app including the answers to various questions.
  2. Users answer a series of questions about who they are and about the bullying they are experiencing, which including questions about location and characteristics of the bully(ies).
  3. User gets a quick profile/summary of the bullying incident(s).
  4. User can use the profile/summary to get advice and tips that are specific to her/his situation (from the internet? from a school counsellor?).