Professional Development Workshops

The following courses can be taught in a single workshop, a full day or over multiple days. They can be combined or separated.  We also design workshops around the specific learning needs of teachers and schools.

coding, computational thinking and computer science unplugged (without devices)

Learn and teach coding concepts without the problems that come with managing a classroom full of devices. We can offer this workshop in various combinations of the three topics above or just offer one of the topics for an entire workshop.

WAYS OF THINKING: ComputationaL, lateral AND DESIGN-thinking across the curriculum

Learn key concepts in computer science, computational thinking and coding. After an introduction to design thinking, participate in an app idea design sprint.

Design Thinking

Learn how to use design thinking to solve problems and develop solutions in different subject areas. Can be taught with or without devices.

Coding and Design Thinking with Scratch

Combine learning to code with learning about design thinking and use your new skills to build basic programs in Scratch.

Game Play and Coding in the Curriculum: unplugged

Learn to teach basic coding terms using dice and cards. Then move on to creating board games to teach programming and computational thinking that integrate with your curriculum or unit of study. Learn and teach cross-curricular strategies where students analyze and solve real world inquiry questions. Integrate ADST curricula, social studies, science, art, and more.

Integrating Coding in THE CURRICULUM

This workshop can also be broken down into a single workshop for Language Arts teachers or Social Studies teachers.We follow these workshops up with dozens of links and resources and online support. 

Coding basic Apps  

Learn how to create stories, animations, websites, games, and simple apps and programs with free programs like Scratch and App Lab. Teach students to express their learning in different subject areas using coding.

coding, design and ethics (new!)

Design-thinking and coding can be used to teach skills in coding and design in tandem with ethics. Students have an incredible opportunity to learn how to remix and build apps, programs and code that help make the world a better place. We can also run an unplugged version of this  workshop.

artificial intelligence and machine learning UNPLUGGED (new!)

In this workshops, students and/or teachers will explore the big ideas and challenges involved in the rapidly changing world of artificial intelligence and machine learning through games, challenges and puzzles.