Coding and Programming Includes:
Coding-specific terminology and structures common to all languages
Practicing with pseudo-code programs like Scratch and/or Hopscotch
Writing code, building a program, solving coding challenges
For teachers:  How to integrate coding with your curriculum

Design Thinking
Design Thinking Process (empathy, ideate, prototype, feedback)
Participate in a Design Sprint (Specific design problems can be personalized)  
For teachers: How to integrate design-thinking into your curriculum

Computational Thinking and Computer Science:
Learn how to speak about your computer (vocabulary and terms)
Learn how computers work with analogies & challenges
Solve problems using computational thinking

App/Web Design
Overview of apps and programs and preliminary app/program selection.
Learning App creation methods and principles of design.
Practice prototyping and testing with feedback
Use pseudo-code to program one interactive screen

Ongoing Support Includes:

Materials and teaching with the app design process
Links to online coding sites for self-directed learning
Resources to embed and teach Design Thinking in your school